Remote team of BIM Modelers and 2D/3D drafting technicians

Effectively and transparently collaborating with your office and team

The world is ready to work flexibly

For us, remote working is not only the future; it also suits the present. We have years of experience with hybrid working and are now enjoying all the benefits it offers. At the same time, we want to emphasize that hybrid working does not create distance in any way. We have gained the trust of our clients, and they recognize our team as part of their flexible workforce. We believe that the world is now ready for flexible working, and we have learned to eliminate all the obstacles on our path.

The way of working with Hybrid Technical Solutions offers many advantages:

  • You are only billed per hour worked or delivered unit. This results in a very transparent cost model;
  • A Dutch technical point of contact is available to support the project;
  • Team flexibility: Easier to deploy professionals when and where needed;
  • It is the foundation for innovation: offering freedom for dexterity and try out new things;
  • The level of work and thought of our associates is very high, similar to Dutch associates;
  • Hybrid Technical associates have a solid ability to work remotely and are comfortable asking for advice when needed.

Benefits of remote working

01 Cost-effective
Because we work remote, we can offer you our high-quality services for competitive prices. Furthermore, we only charge the hours that we actually spent on your project. No-nonsense and clear, with regular Dutch invoices and administration.
02 Highest quality
Borders are fading and it was never easier to exchange knowledge all across the world. It so happens that we found our highest educated, top-notch architects, and engineers in Serbia. We want to share their expertise with you, whether that's in the Netherlands or any other place.
03 Flexible
You need one updated floorplan or you have thousands of 2D drawings that need a 3D transformation. We take the extra work off your plate whenever you need with the flexibility of a remote team. Furthermore, our team consists of various forms of expertise.
04 Future proof
We all know the world keeps evolving. Digital transformation is key. By mastering remote and online working, we are ahead of any change and we maneuvre our way into the future.
05 Experience in IT
We learned remote working in the industry that's most advanced in this field. Hybrid Technical Solutions is part of the Hybrid family for a reason. This family started out with Hybrid IT Solutions, which explored and polished the magic of a remote team.
06 Same comfort
If you're not used to remote working, we'll make sure the transition is smooth and effortless: our Serbian experts will guide you through the process. Their English is fluent, they adopted the Dutch culture as their own, and real-time meetings will be scheduled regularly.

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