We are Hybrid Technical Solutions

From design to calculation! We know that any construction engineering project requires a lot of focus, effort, and expertise. Every detail matters. Our team of 2D/3D drafting technicians and BIM Modelers are happy to support you (as your flexible workforce).
We enhance teams working on construction engineering projects.
In every construction engineering project, several technical aspects come together. It can prove challenging to bring all the information together.

Our highly skilled team, which has experience in various stages of numerous projects, will create clarity.
From the very first start of designing up to managing a construction site. We make sure you don't have to worry about a thing.

Our Story

Hybrid Technical Solutions was born into the Hybrid family. The family started out with Hybrid IT Solutions, founded by two passionate entrepreneurs. Guy and Djordje believed in remote working.

Affordable services, fast delivery, easy communication, and always available on-site when needed.

They brought their talents and experiences together, and thus Hybrid IT Solutions was created. Guy and Djordje gathered a team of highly skilled IT experts, who all knew the Dutch market very well, mainly working from Serbia. The team found a great match between the Dutch and Serbian cultures. A similar mentality, no time difference, and no language barriers since all of them speak English fluently.

For all our clients, we go the extra mile. We thrive on finding solutions to propel our clients forward and get them where they want to be, whether it’s in the IT or architectural industry. By adding our Technical Director Aleksandar Popadic to the team, Hybrid was now up and running to brighten firms within Architecture, Real Estate, and Engineering with their technical solutions.

We’ve steadily formed a team of highly skilled BIM Modelers and 2D/3D drafting technicians with years of working experience. They work very accurately, are creative and solution-oriented, and know their way in different architectural design software such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Autocad, and Sketchup.

Our Values

01 Accountability
There’s no doubt we are passionate about what we do, and we love all our projects individually. We live to see them succeed and that's why every member of our team feels highly responsible for every phase of the project.
02 Quality
Due to the nature of working with structural integration and building design, and also because we strongly care, we don’t compromise on quality at any stage of the project. The services we provide meet the highest standards.
03 Customer experience
We go the extra mile to fulfill your needs and more. Your project is important to us and through real-time communication, we are always available to ensure you have nothing to worry about.
04 Teamwork
All of our individual team members are passionate, highly educated, and have experience in various technical projects. But most of all we love working together, so we can combine our expertise and creativity.
05 Collaboration
We love joining forces with our clients. It's your project and we make sure to deliver what you need. If you have any ideas or feedback, we love to hear about it. We schedule regular meetings to keep in touch and work on the project together.
06 Passion for our work
It's a job, but might as well be a hobby too. Your project is what thrives us and our passion is what makes your project successful.
“We are remote native. That fact gives us an advantage these days.”
Bojana Zamurovic
Marketing Manager @Hybrid Technical Solutions

Our Team

Guy Beuvery
Djordje Ivković
Aleksandar Popadić
Bojana Zamurović

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